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Have We Got A Match For You

Matchmaker Chava Shaulov & Jason Wasser, LMFT

What do you get when a professional matchmaker and a therapist sit down in front of a microphone??You get unfiltered, raw conversations about what every Jewish adult (and honestly every single adult no matter your spiritual/religious background is invited) needs to know about communication, dating, commitment, love, sex, breakups, divorce and more.Matchmaker Chava Shaulov and Jason Wasser, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist explore conversations through their unique lens of years of professional experience and moving through the difficult chapters in their own lives.Some episodes will feature expert guest interviews and we will also have a portion of episodes dedicated to Q & A so you can be part of the live recording experience.*No general or specific comments on this podcast should be considered as therapeutic or legal advice and is only for educational/informational purposes only. Please find a licensed mental health professional and legal professional to address any specific concerns.